Antic raises $7M to become a category leader in shared-ownership solutions.

Tal Dadia
September 15, 2022

With the backing of top industry VCs, Antic emerges from stealth to introduce web3 solutions to share ownership over digital assets, IP & more.

At Antic we believe culture lives, forms, and thrives when it's shared between people. That’s why we empower companies and consumers to make anything co-owned. Welcome to the era of group economics.

There’s an opportunity to create a new power distribution order and that web3 will lead the way. Yet, web3 is complicated. With new terminology and ramping difficulties, it will take time to educate the market on seed phrases, identity, ownership, and private keys. If the goal is to onboard as many consumers as possible to give them the freedom to choose what to do with their data and digital identities, then we are still far from achieving this. Antic was founded with the goal of making ownership mainstream and hassle-free. 

But how can several people interact and really enhance the new notion of internet ownership? And more importantly, how can that be done easily, without involving blockchain experts? This is where Antic comes into play.

Our mission to make everything co-owned 

Antic raised a $7 million seed round led by Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six and Sheva Capital. Joining them are amazing partners, including Pantera Capital, Sound Ventures, Rainfall, Shrug and Dapper Labs and many incredible angels. 

Today, we are opening our gates for early access to our scalable infrastructure that enables businesses and individuals to make any digital asset or IP accessible to all parties interested in joining, unlocking new revenue streams for all co-owners. You can apply for our closed beta use our easy APIs for group coordinations, split purchases, and monetization tools for IP. 

With a single API, companies will now be able to support shared ownership for everyone. This is a new force that captures on-chain complexity in one clickable button.

The process for unlocking access for crowd-purchasing to purchase will become seamless. It’s not just about split group purchases, but about owning together and coordinating moves. This is a new social behavior the blockchain technology can now support - programmable and trusted coordination.

In recent years, more companies want to give their consumers the ability to own together. Mostly, because it provides customers from all walks of life access to their products. Everyone can own together, coordinate what to do with the owned objects, and start conceiving a new internet movement - group economics. 

People want to co-own, but why?

Over the last year, Antic has been quietly working on its innovative decentralized infrastructure to enable anything to be co-owned by many. We have been iterating with consumers through rigorous user testing and have developed a consumer facing app to learn the hassles of group coordination. Full disclosure: it was painful. We introduced our technology to Telegram groups, essentially making it easy for any chat group to turn into a shared wallet for direct and decentralized purchases. The results were astonishing. Groups opened up, consumers chatting at what to buy and why, and most importantly - we learned their incentives to own together. 

So far, we identified two important cases for shared ownership that can be utilized today. The first is the ability to embed a shared ownership checkout button for any digital item. Whether it is a NFT, a physical collectible, art piece, merch, a gaming asset - all can be co-owned and managed by multiple. The second is to own an IP together. Mega companies or early projects can all co-own and monetize IP, using Antic’s monetization solution with transferable and tradable access.

Antic is committed to support the most regulatory tools out there. We have been following regulatory guidelines since the beginning and have been building our core infrastructure accordingly.

We have teamed up with the best of the best from the cyber security industry to make sure each party can trust one another. Our collaborators include the best Solidity developers to make anything super efficient and provide a seamless  user experience. We believe technology should  improve the world without being felt. We take blockchain to the next level, the one where consumers don’t know they use blockchain. And we do it together.

One last big thank you, probably the biggest one I owe, is to the team here at Antic. The talented folks who took a leap of faith and work passionately to make all of this possible. I want to send a huge thank you to each and every one of you. I’m grateful to work alongside you all.