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Antic Gates

The pluggable access layer for exclusive content and experiences

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Monetize your platform by adding gates to anything

Unlock new revenue streams by letting your audience buy access to premium content, events & more. Integrate Antic Gates so they can access their benefits in a click, tap or scan.

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Get simple, secure data interoperability for full visibility and a unified view of every user across games, brands and more, while incentivizing consumption with tools you already use.

Ownership that creates loyalty and earnings

Turn your audience into promoters with ownable access

Incentivize customers by letting them own what they love, and sell it forward. As vested fans, they’ll passively consume and be part of the action, while your business earns revenue.

Designed for every industry. Scalable to any size.

Subscriptions & Streaming

Create exclusive subscriptions based on your customers’ true identity to increase engagement and loyalty.


Gate access to real estate and interactive experiences, while opening up a new world of incentives for your customers.

Entertainment & Sports

Let anyone buy tickets to concerts &  sporting events and sell them forward, while you keep track of the owner identity.

Dynamically configurable for every business need

You decide how to design your access, in line with your business goals. Create infinite access layers - a ticket within a ticket within a ticket.

A seamless customer experience for anyone

Antic’s intuitive user interface is proven to increase mainstream adoption.
No prior knowledge needed.

"copy" sign
import { BigNumber } from 'ethers';
import { useEffect, useState } from 'react';
import { useAccount, useSigner } from 'wagmi';
import GatesSDK, { hasAccess, ConfigT, NetworkId } from '@anticxyz/gates-sdk';
import { Auth } from './auth';
const ticketImg = '';

function Host() {
const { data: signer } = useSigner();
const { isConnected, address } = useAccount();
const [userAccess, setUserAccess] = useState(false);

useEffect(() => {
   const interval = setInterval(async () => {
     if (isConnected && signer) {
       const access = await hasAccess(signer, GATE_CONTRACT_ADDRESS, GATE_ID);

   }, 4000);
   return () => clearInterval(interval);
 }, [isConnected, signer, address]);

const gatesUIConfig = {
   subtitle: 'eventData&location',
   showTicketCount: true,
   ownerTransfer: true,
   secondarySell: true,
   theme: {
     darkMode: false,
     accent: 'purple',
     variant: 'gates',
 } as ConfigT;

 return (
         <Auth />
                   headerImage: ticketImg,
                   ticketUrl: ticketImg,
                   eventDate: 'March 1st 2023, 4:15 PM',
                   geoLocation: 'Blackwall Tunnel, London SE10 0PH',
                   title: 'The Underground Tour',
                   partnerDisplayName: 'TicketsForTheBrave',

export default Host;

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